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Daily Meditation: Monday, February 27, 2017

Relations - that we must seek to have with humans and with nature

The way in which we consider people and things makes all the difference. If your consciousness is enlightened, each one of your thoughts can be the point of departure for magnificent achievements. If not, you reject the riches which nature and human beings have to offer, and you neither understand, nor gain anything, you feel impoverished and unhappy. Just look at how human beings live alongside one another: they pass by each other with no more awareness of the other’s presence than if they were blocks of stone or pieces of wood. See also how they bump into each other! To talk to them, then, about the relationship they must develop with nature is to expect far too much of them. They believe they are the only beings who are truly alive and intelligent in the universe and, in order to demonstrate this life and this intelligence, what do they do? They exploit nature without any qualms, not realizing that by destroying it, they also destroy something in themselves, they restrict themselves, they become gloomy. It is an entire shift in awareness that must take place within them so that their relations not only with humans but with nature are finally alive and rich.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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