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Daily Meditation: Thursday, November 21, 2019

Odour of sanctity, the - which emanates from those beings who have worked hard on themselves

The expression ‘odour of sanctity’, which you hear sometimes, does mean something. There are saints, spiritual Masters, who have worked so much on themselves that their psychic bodies emanate real fragrance. These fragrances are picked up by beings of light in the invisible world, who then rush to breathe them in. In certain cases, it can even happen that particularly sensitive people may sense these fragrances emanating from their soul. These fragrances also emanate from the soul of those beings who have learned to accept and overcome their suffering. So often, you hear people complaining or shouting in an outraged manner at the slightest disappointment, trouble or injustice! The suffering they feel is like a burning fire. But those who consciously accept and remain silent, knowing that through patience and love they are purifying matter in their inner being – those people are also preparing fragrances in their soul. This is why knowing how to suffer is one of the greatest kinds of knowledge there is, one of the highest manifestations of love.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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