Medium Package - 25 Items, 20+ Titles

Medium Package


Medium Package for Little Free Libraries or Personal Distribution - 25 Items, 20+ Titles

$ 400.00 $ 99.00 Medium Package for Little Free Libraries or Personal Distribution Order

Plant these seeds of the Teaching in Little Free Libraries and/or share them personally with new readers! (Find Little Free Libraries near you at )

Subsidized price includes shipping via Media Mail anywhere in the US. Faster shipping available for $20 more (you can request this in Step Four of the checkout process).

30 of these packages are available. Items may vary slightly from photo.

Small Package: 13 Items, 7 Titles, $13
Medium Package: 25 Items, 20+ Titles, $99
Large Package: 50+ Items, 35+ Titles, $175

Double Pack: 100+ Items, 50+ Titles, $350
Triple Pack: 150+ Items, 60+ Titles, $500


  • Intensive Intro to the Teaching
  • Songs of the Fraternité Blanche Universelle
  • Working towards universality and brotherhood - DVD NTSC
  • Intuition, a faculty of our higher self - DVD NTSC
  • Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love

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