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Daily Meditation: Friday, December 27, 2019

Material and ephemeral things - must be used in service of the spirit

Humans wear their body, they live with it, they take care of it, they feed it, they wash it, they dress it and they even put make-up on it, but they do not bother to decipher what their body, with its limbs and its organs, wants to tell them. They would do best to study how Cosmic Intelligence thought of things by putting their body at the service of their intellect, their heart, and their will; they will understand that they must draw inspiration from this lesson for the conduct of their inner life, and they will know how to put all that is materiel and ephemeral in service of this eternal principle, their spirit. Materiel and ephemeral things inevitably have a role to play in our life; but for this role to be beneficial, we must involve them in the activity of the spirit. It is not enough to multiply encounters, information, knowledge, or adventures, even if, in the moment, it gives us the feeling of living fully. It is not ‘in the moment’ that counts; it is the assessment we make of our life years later. That is why it is useful to review our choices and activities from time to time, and ask ourselves, ‘What does all this really bring me?’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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