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Daily Meditation: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

God - by loving him we open ourselves up to him and receive his love in return

If human beings feel no need to link themselves to the divine world, they deprive themselves of something precious. Of course, those who are intelligent, determined and in good health can, for a certain time, have the impression they still possess all their faculties. But as they are not being fed by currents from above and don't receive new energy, something in them gradually begins to crumble. They leave the door open to undesirable entities that will eat away at their heart and mind like worms gnawing at wood. The ignorant dwell on temporary situations and draw conclusions from them, saying, 'Link with the divine world? But why? I know so many people for whom the divine world doesn't exist and yet they are very successful.' Yes, but until when? God must come first in our life and we must give him our love, for this love brings us everything: wisdom, power, freedom, beauty, good health... and also love of course. God does not need our love, but we need to love him, because in loving him we open ourselves to him and we receive his love in return.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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