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Daily Meditation: Sunday, September 16, 2018

Friends - we need in order to persevere on the good path

Hearing about dishonest or criminal actions done by others, so many people exclaim, ‘I would never do that!’ And they are very proud to tell themselves that they would certainly know how to resist temptations of power, money and glory. However, someone who claims to be able to resist temptations must have faith in a higher world – and not only have faith but, above all, love the world of light, purity and beauty; otherwise, they will succumb, just like anyone else. And why? Because they do not have any allies or friends. If you want to triumph over the seductions that life constantly presents us with, you must put in your head, heart and soul everything that is greatest and noblest. Then the dark forces will be obliged to surrender and obey you, because of the presence of inhabitants of the divine world within you. This is what you must understand; otherwise, how can you imagine facing these old instinctive powers: the need to possess, to impose yourself, to take revenge? No one can resist alone. You should be accompanied.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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