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Daily Meditation: Friday, March 31, 2023

Fairy Tale about the princess and the dragon - its meaning

Many fairy tales tell of a beautiful princess who is held captive by a dragon in a castle full of treasure. Several knights come forward and try to deliver the princess but they are all vanquished by the dragon. Then one day, a valiant knight appears who is younger, purer and more handsome than all the others, to whom a good fairy, who knows all the dragon’s weaknesses, has confided a secret that will enable him to vanquish it. So, the knight defeats the dragon and releases the princess from captivity, and then how sweet are their kisses! All the treasure that has been stored up for centuries in the castle now belongs to the handsome knight whose courage, knowledge and love have brought him victory. And the knight and the princess set out to explore the world mounted on the fire-breathing dragon. This story is actually very profound. It is an allegory of man and his psychic life. The dragon represents sexual energy, the castle is man’s body with all the treasures it contains, and the princess is his soul. The knight is man’s ego, which has to deliver his soul from prison. Finally, the knight’s weapons are the means man has at his disposal – will-power and knowledge – in order to master his sexual energy and make it his servant.*

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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