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Daily Meditation: Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Consciousness - all creatures are gifted with it, but only humans possess individual consciousness

The Creator gave consciousness to all his creatures. Yes, even to stones, rocks and metals, except that their consciousness is outside of them, far away at the limits of the universe, which is why they are in an inert state. The consciousness of plants is at the centre of the earth, so if we want to talk to plants, to get them to understand us or to take action, that is where we must go to contact them. As for animals, their consciousness is collective: each species has a group soul directing it. You will notice that with animals there are times for procreating, for laying eggs, for migrating, for moulting, and so on. This is because they obey a group soul outside of themselves. So, the consciousness of stones, plants and animals is an external one. Human beings are the only ones with a consciousness that has come down into them, the only ones with an individual consciousness. This is why they are thinking beings endowed with their own will. It is clear, then: everything that exists does possess consciousness, but nearer or further away, depending on the degree of evolution.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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