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Daily Meditation: Sunday, June 18, 2023

Perseverance - rely on the powers of the spirit

Why do you always expect others to start to work to make the world a better place? Why don’t you get started yourself? You wait for others to make the effort, but others do the same as you: they are waiting for you to get to work, and this can go on indefinitely. What willpower, what faith it takes to do good in a world where everything is going awry! But this is precisely why it is so commendable. In favourable circumstances, it is too easy to believe in good and to do good – everything is simple and pleasant. No, no, it is now, as the situation worsens that it is worthwhile continuing without letting yourself be influenced by the conditions. We must learn to count on the powers of the spirit; this is the sign of a truly spiritual person. Of course, many people give lip service to being spiritual, but when faced with the slightest obstacle they immediately fall apart. Despite the conditions, despite the storm, truly spiritual people always strive to awaken the powers of the will, of goodness and of light.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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