Universal Brotherhood

The World Today

'‘Have a revolution.’ That’s how most people think society can be changed. But after each revolution, once again there’s the same disorder, the same dishonesty, the same injustice… The victims and torturers have changed sides, but that’s all, there are still victims and torturers. So the changes that need to be made are ones of attitude rather than external ones. Many people claim to be working for the happiness of humanity, but how many of them know what humans really need in order to be happy? Very few, and that’s why the results are not so great: even if we observe progress in some areas, at the same time we are forced to admit that things have regressed in others. Real progress and real improvement first take place within the heart, mind and soul as a result of the light. How can you expect effective change if human mentality remains the same: selfish, dishonest and treacherous? It’s this mentality that needs to be challenged; by changing attitudes you can change the world. '

Universal Brotherhood

'Anything you do solely for your personal satisfaction cannot be lasting. You may get what you want, but it will eventually rebound on you. You think you are grasping it securely, and then it escapes. You thought it was gold, and now it has turned to lead.

Cosmic Intelligence wants to teach humans and so does not allow them to succeed in their selfish endeavours. So why, you will say, does it allow them a modicum of success if they are soon to lose what they have acquired? Because it wants them to really ponder the lesson and understand what is worth seeking, what is worth working at.

And what is worth working at is the idea of universal brotherhood. If you love this idea, if you are faithful to it and nourish it and focus all your willpower on achieving it, being true gold it will fulfil your heart and soul forever."

A Philosophy of Universality
An awareness of universality is the fruit of a long and patient education.
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Collectivity – as we become aware that we are part of it, so we evolve

'Why is it so difficult for humans to live together? Because they are not accustomed to showing each other enough empathy or respect. Collective life as practised in a spiritual brotherhood is a wonderful opportunity for its members to evolve and expand their consciousness. Those who lead a solitary life can be selfish and temperamental. There is no one next to them, no one whom they need to consider in their behaviour. So as soon as they begin to have anything to do with other people, what an effort – and it’s so hard!

When people are aware that they belong to a whole that is much greater than themselves and are careful not to allow their actions, thoughts and feelings – their internal noise – to disturb the harmony, it shows that they are evolved. You will say, ‘What do you mean by their internal noise?’

Yes, all noise is the result of a dissonance, and the internal noise that humans make with their feelings, torments and rebellions disturbs the psychic atmosphere. Those who make a noise are unaware that they are also harming themselves, for one day this noise will take the form of psychological or even physical problems."

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'... I encourage you to reflect and study until you reach this truth: that the more you know human beings on the higher level, the more it becomes apparent that they are all built on the same pattern and have the same needs; their differences are only external. But it is because of these differences that they are disunited. If you feel alien and isolated from others it is not possible to love them. But if you develop inwardly, if you awaken the sense of unity within you, you will begin to feel exactly what others feel. When human beings finally come to accept that their souls and spirits are united in the world above, they will form one immense family and become a brotherhood on earth.

To tell the truth, the question is perfectly clear and simple; it is just that people seldom stop to think about it.'

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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