The Sun as a Model - #2


If you take the sun as your model, little by little, your intellect will receive its light, your heart its warmth and your spirit its power. And, above all, you will give and give, as the sun gives. The guiding rule with human beings is to take; this is how they are brought up and the whole of contemporary civilization is marked by this need to take. It is the only word people understand.
The only school that teaches people to give is the school of the sun. All the planets take. Only the sun gives and this is why we have to enrol in his school. He is the only one who really knows how to give; when we see this, how is it possible not to love him?


We always love and are drawn to those who are capable of giving something good. Whereas, with those who are only capable of taking …Well, we soon learn to avoid them. Why do some people imagine that they can go on taking from others for ever? The others soon see what they are doing and leave them strictly alone. So think about this, and you will see that it is to your advantage to cultivate a tendency to give.


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Formulas and Prayers at Sunrise


Let me give you a formula that you can use as you watch the sun rising. Wait until you see the first rays of sunlight and then, very lovingly, say these words in your heart:

‘As the sun rises over the world, so may the Sun of truth, freedom, immortality and eternity, rise in my spirit.
‘As the sun rises above the world, so may the Sun of love and immensity rise in my soul.
‘As the sun rises above the world, so may the Sun of intelligence, light and wisdom rise in my intellect.
‘As the sun rises above the world, so may the Sun of gentleness, kindness, joy, happiness and purity rise in my heart.
‘As this luminous, radiant sun rises over the world, so may the Sun of strength, power, force, dynamic energy and activity rise in my will.
‘And as this luminous, radiant, living sun rises over the world, so may the Sun of health, vitality and vigour rise in my body.
‘Amen. So be it, for the kingdom of God and his righteousness.
‘Amen. So be it, for the glory of God.’


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