The solar revolution and the prophet by Renard

The solar revolution and the prophet by Renard


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Worldwide revolution in the fields of agriculture, industry and science are the sign of the 'coming solar revolution in the quality of life'. This cultural mutation has begun. The sun, prime source of energy, will serve as the model for a new social, political and spiritual life, and the Initiate will be the solar model offering humans a world of peace and love governed by heliocentric laws.

Foreword : The statement of a Disciple
1. The example
2. The sun, historical Image of Joy
3. The solar seer
4. The Intiatic and esoteric school of Maître Omrram Mikhaël Aïvanhov :
- First the Head : The solar revolution or the new Romanticism of Aquarius
- Secondly, the Form : The Brotherhood that took the Sun for model : the World of life - the World of love (warmth) - the World of Life
- Thirdly, the Meaning : The Way of Brotherhood : A Master Evolves ...Toward Perfection - Evolution toward Perfection, The Way of Hope - Evolution toward Perfection, The Way of Power - Evolution toward Perfection, The Only Way to Solve the Problem of Survival in a Brotherly Way - Evolution toward Perfection, The Way to Joy - Evolution toward Perfection, The Authority or a World Government - Evolution toward Perfection, Spiritual Alchemy
Epilogue : For the time of the Prophet Approaches : The Cosmic Hierarchy, The Golden Age

  • Death and the Life Beyond
  • The Fruits of the Tree of Life - The Cabbalistic Tradition
  • Paneurhythmy
  • Toward a Solar Civilization
  • Man's Psychic Life : Elements and Structures
  • Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love
  • ‘Walk While You Have the Light’
  • Bringing Symbols to Life - The gymnastic exercises
  • Peter Deunov’s Paneurhythmy - Dance movements and musical scores

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