The Secret of Polarity

From the point of view of initiatic science, the number Two is the result of the polarization of the One, and this means that the two poles, which are so often considered to be antagonists, are, in fact, contained in the One. We call them masculine and feminine or positive and negative, but we can also call them good and evil, as long as we bear in mind that they are expressions of the One, of God, for they both come from God.

The law of alternation

"It is one consequence of this polarization. Every aspect of our life on earth is conditioned by the alternation of day and night. Whatever the reason, the fact is that this alternation of day and night, which regulates the whole of nature, also regulates both our physical and our psychic life. We could not know what light is if darkness did not exist. Neither could we know what wisdom, justice, beauty, and joy are if we were not constantly obliged to contend with foolishness, injustice, ugliness, and sorrow. It is by setting things against each other and comparing them that we reach understanding. If opposites did not exist we would live in a state of non-differentiation."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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It is the same thing for every human being

Seen from the physical viewpoint only, human beings are either male or female and display the precise and immediately recognizable characteristics of one or the other. But from the psychic point of view, it is much more complex, as each person possesses both the masculine and feminine principles within them, and you cannot limit men to only the masculine principle or women to only the feminine principle.

 True Initiation -
Human beings are so obsessed with their external appearance as a man or a woman that they forget that, above, on the divine plane, they possess both the male and the female principle. But they have to understand that ‘above’ is not light years away. It exists in them, too, as their higher part. Initiation is a psychic process, at the end of which a person is able to merge with the complementary part of their being.

Consequently they no longer feel they lack anything or ever feel alone anymore. Many people accumulated encounters and experiences in thir life, but inside they are still alone, in the wilderness. Yes, because there are certain things they need to encounter first within themselves, on the psychic or spiritual plane. You will only find below what you have already achieved above.

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The Quest for the Twin Soul -
Consciously or unconsciously, all men and women are looking for their twin soul. What they do not know is that, in reality, their twin soul is not a different entity from them but the other pole of their being, living on high with God in perfection and fulfilment.
In India, Jnani yoga provides methods that enable the yogi to achieve union with their higher self, since through this union they become one with God. In Greece, we find the same idea expressed in the phrase carved into the pediment of the temple of Delphi: ‘Know yourself’. But we should not forget the rest of the sentence: ‘… and you will know the universe and the gods.’
True knowledge is the result of the fusion of the two principles, the masculine and the feminine. So ‘Know yourself’ means ‘Find the other pole in yourself, find your complementary part and become one with it’. If you are a man, the other pole in you is the feminine principle; if you are a woman, it is the masculine principle, and you seek to merge with one or other principle in purity and light. When this fusion occurs, you meet your true twin soul. 

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Secret of polarity
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