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Alchemy, Astrology, Magic, Kabbalah - Aspects of esoteric science
Complete WorksThe mountain represents the great difficulties of life that faith alone allows us to move, that is to say to resolve.
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Daily Meditations 2022
Daily meditationsSilence, peace and harmony are expressions of the same reality. Do not believe that silence is empty and mute...
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Precious stones, foundations of our inner sanctuary
MiscellaneousPrecious stones are of the earth, but earth that has been transformed, organised and sublimated...
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Peter Deunov’s Paneurhythmy - Dance movements and musical scores
TestimoniesEverything in the universe is rhythm, and human beings themselves are part of this great cosmic rhythm.
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Bringing Symbols to Life - The gymnastic exercises
Audiovisual CollectionThe gymnastic exercises we do each morning are a way of capturing these energies and making them circulate...
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AU0224AN - The Powers of Thought - Boxed Set (Audiobook and Printed Book)
The Powers of Thought
Audiovisual CollectionThe full unabridged book "The Powers of Thought"plus a 63-minute audiobook CD of significant extracts, read by Joseph Moscolo and mixed …
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The Life of a Master in the West - NEW EDITION
TestimoniesThis book describes the deeply moving itinerary of an exceptional human being, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, a man who offered simple but …