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Daily Meditation: Saturday, March 16, 2019

Moral mistakes - have repercussions on our physical body

Each time a human being makes a mistake, some entities present with them and in them, in their blood cells, in the cells of their muscles and organs, or in their nervous system, leave them. Up until then these entities served them, but now they refuse to do so, and they can even turn against them. Each transgression brings disorder to certain cells in their body: because they are related to this person and depend on them, they are continually influenced by this person's behaviour. And because this person is so rarely aware of the consequences of their actions, they continue to create conflict first and foremost in their body. And so one day, their stomach no longer obeys them, neither do their lungs, their liver, their legs, nor their head, nothing. And even enemies can sneak inside them and torment them. They are being told, 'You're not on the right path, you must act differently.' Through their disorderly life, humans make enemies who take every opportunity to harm them. But if they begin to settle down, to respect the laws of nature, and to lead a sensible and harmonious life, their enemies will become their friends again.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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