Life with the Master Peter Deunov - Autobiographical Reflections - Vol 2

Life with the Master Peter Deunov, Autobiographical Reflections 2 Flip through


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'Even if the words of a spiritual Master can be contained in books, paper books would never be enough for him. He is himself a living book, and he needs his disciples to become living books too. First of all, he writes on them; in their head and heart he sows the seeds of his Teaching in the hope that one day they will bear fruit throughout the world. So, the Master wrote a book which no one but he could have written: me. Yes, I am a book he wrote.
The earth is so far from the sun! But the distance does not stop the sun from writing on the earth, and this writing is the stones, plants, animals and humans it gives its light, warmth and life to. Like the sun, the Master wrote on me from afar. He wrote thousands and thousands of pages, and they are now all brought together in the book that is me. Then, one day, he said to me, ‘Now, you are ready; you can leave.’

I An inspiring encounter - II A prophet confronted by the Church - III The clarity of the spiritual world - IV The eternal student - V Izgrev, in Sofia - VI The first lessons of the mountain: Vitocha - VII What does it mean to have a Master? - VIII Masters and disciples weave the threads of life together - IX Riddles to be solved - X Tarnovo - XI ‘Continue to work in the three worlds’ - XII ‘Where all human beings live as brothers and sisters’ - XIII Summer in the Rila mountains - XIV In the kingdom of living nature - XV In the alchemical furnace - XVI ‘You are made to work with women’ - XVII ‘I possess a jewel of inestimable value’

  • A Living Book, Autobiographical Reflections 1
  • Respiration - Spiritual Dimensions and Practical Applications
  • The High Ideal
  • The Mysteries of Yesod - Foundations of Spiritual Life
  • The Splendour of Tiphareth - The Yoga of the Sun
  • Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 1
  • Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 2
  • A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science (1)
  • The Laughter of a Sage
  • The Mystery of Light by Georg Feuerstein

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