Daily meditations 2000

Daily meditations 2000


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Yes, in order to be safe we must cling to the divine summit, so that when the waves of human passion, both yours and those of the people around you, begin to wash over you, you will not be carried away. If you feel crushed, disoriented, even destroyed, it is your fault, because you stayed too far down. You have been shown a path leading to the only place of safety, and you have been given ladders so, then, why do you not climb

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - Themes For Meditations

  • The New Year
  • Meditation
  • Death and the Life Beyond
  • The Second Birth
  • The Fruits of the Tree of Life - The Cabbalistic Tradition
  • The Gypsy Queen
  • Toward a Solar Civilization
  • Daily meditations 1995
  • Daily meditations 2002
  • Daily Meditations 2019

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