A New Humanity Is Rising

A New Humanity Is Rising


Third book by The Aquarian Team

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We are going through a difficult time presently as we reach the bottom of the involution curve of human history. According to the great cycles of humanity’s development, this descent into matter was intended in order to better know ourselves.

In this work, we invite you to discover your inner temple, to consider alternative medicines, to balance the two eternal principles within each of you, to use the great four sciences of the Initiates, to discover how women hold the keys for a new humanity and finally, to live your inner divinity on a daily basis.

Already we perceive the dawn of a new day: the sun is rising in the consciousness and the warmth of the heart is calling for a better sharing.

For nearly ten years now, The Aquarian Team has been working to share some light by encouraging personal growth and by stimulating people to the perfecting of their self towards the great Self.


1. From the External Temple to the Temple Within — Pascale Frémond

2. The Medicine of the Future: Light, Color and Sound — Carmen Froment

3. Finding a Balance Between the Masculine and Feminine Principles for a Harmonious development — Dorette Chappuis

4. Where Humanity Stands on the Scale of Perfection — Annie Collet and Olivier Picard

5. The Importance of Prenatal Life for the Future of Human Civilization — Carla Machado

6. Progressing with the Four Great Sciences — Dorette Chappuis

7. The Awakened Human Beings will be the 3rd Testament — Henriette Dufeu

8. Prophecies and beatitudes — Carmen Froment

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Invitation and References

  • Intensive Intro to the Teaching
  • Songs of the Fraternité Blanche Universelle
  • Working towards universality and brotherhood - DVD NTSC
  • Intuition, a faculty of our higher self - DVD NTSC
  • Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love

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